Poetry Of The Day

Wild honey smells of freedom

The dust — of sunlight

The mouth of a young girl,

like a violet

But gold — smells of nothing.

– Anna Akhmatova
Russian poet, from her poem “Wild Honey Smells of Freedom”


2 thoughts on “Poetry Of The Day

  1. Her slim, terse form, wherein an unforseen scathing content still finds room to exist, reminds me of E. Dickinson. A wonderful incongruity between form and content. I want to read more of Akhmatova's stuff; do you recommend anything in particular?


  2. Hi David, and welcome to the Window! I actually don't really know Akhmatova's work, I found this as Sojourner's quote for the day a few days ago.

    a bit of looking in my library — there is a selection of her work in the anothology “women poets: from antiquity to now,” eds. barnstone and barnstone. I'll have to read these again!


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