A Little White Shirt Goodness

OK, more like white dress, black dress, BRIGHT green scarf. And interestingly placed hands…
Larger version can be seen here.

If you can’t read the small type under the photo, this is from the Met’s recent production of Lulu, an opera new to me, with a rather disturbing story and a main character who’s a real live lesbian (Countess Geschwitz, of the BRIGHT green scarf, above) and pretty much the only decent human being in the story. Well, perhaps Lulu would have been a decent human being if her humanity hadn’t been violated so violently by all the men in her life. I listened on the radio. I can’t tell if the story is meant to portray critically what misogyny does to women, or is just misogynist, but it did make me think.


Another black dress/green scarf shot of the Countess here, and the Countess in a slightly shabby suit-like get-up here (Anne Sofie still looks great, though). This is the closest to a white shirt as she gets. (Whole set of production stills here).

I’m really just posting this for Anik, who adores Anne Sofie von Otter, and who’s been having a rough go.

(And if you’re wondering about the White Shirt…read here!)


5 thoughts on “A Little White Shirt Goodness

  1. many thanks for this one, towanda! 🙂

    I never figured out how to get into the images archive – thanks for paving the way; I'll have to try harder next time.

    Tess is right, Louise Brooks as Lulu is quite something. There are excerpts on YouTube.


  2. you're welcome, Anik! Thanks for the tip from you and Tess, I'll have to check out Louise Brooks.

    The Met archive is slightly convoluted, and I didn't realize you could get to the photos for a while. When you do an archive search, if a little photo icon pops up next to a result, then there are production photos. Sometimes there are links to reviews as well, and if the production is on the MetPlayer, there will be another icon as well.

    And we can thank my dad for discovering this!


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