Song of the Day

Every Friday — that’s what Toda Seixta-Feira means…not sure about the rest, but this song sure as heck makes my Friday better!

UPDATE:  A blog friend in Brazil provides this translation:

Toda sexta-feira — Every Friday
Toda roupa é branca  — Every clothing is white
Toda pele é preta — Every skin is black
Todo mundo canta — Everybody sings
Todo o céu magenta — Sky is all magenta
Toda sexta-feira — Every Friday
Todo canto é santo — Every song is a sacred one
E toda conta — And every bead
Toda gota — Every drop
Toda onda — Every wave
Toda moça — Every woman
Toda renda — Every lace
Toda sexta-feira — Every Friday
Todo o mundo é baiano junto — Everybody is baiano altogether

“Baiano” is someone from the Brazilian state of Bahia.


5 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. Couple things about this beautiful song as well; there is some gorgeous double entendre circling around in the words lace and bead and woman (the make of the delicate lace skirts these women wear) and the whole ritual is soaked in the heritage of the black slaves oppressed and unstoppable in Baiano.


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