Going To The Opera

No really, I’m actually going to a real live opera this Friday, for Opera Colorado’s new production of something I’d never heard of called “Florencia En El Amazonas.”  A friend asked me about it and I checked out OC’s website and was intrigued.  Also, one of the stars is Beth Clayton, who I enjoy getting to see when I can because 1) she’s really good; and 2) I was at college with her.  We sang in the alto section of the choral union and also I got to see her in student productions.  Pretty cool.

Here’s a “trailer:”

And a review is here.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Going To The Opera

  1. A colleague of Beth Clayton? – oh, wow, can I have your autograph?
    Have a fabulous time – looking forward to the review.


  2. well, I dunno about colleague! It's *possible* she knew my name, maybe, since we sang in the same section for 3-4 years. I definitely remember being star-struck even then!


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