When Love Comes Along

That moment when Kiri lets her hair down (and puts it back up again).

Also I love watching her conducting herself. And Tatiana’s enthusiasm!  I remember when this album was released (I own the LP and CD both, still) and watching the documentary on PBS.  Oh I loved it. Still do.

(a bonus “One Hand One Heart,” just to watch her expressions…)


4 thoughts on “When Love Comes Along

  1. Te Kanawa Nostalgia full force! (I had that album memorized backwards)

    Also. Troyanos certainly doesn’t take any prisoners. Wow.
    (And that was before I ever knew of Troyanos in anything beyond this, Figaro and Giardiniera… I should have realized there had to be Ebolis to discover)


      1. clearly, there need to be more video releases on that front (and I am wondering on the issue of Troyanos, who was very much on my (very young) radar in her last years: Do I have a genetic propensity for Greek-rooted singers?!)


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