First Intermission

Well. I’m crying. Again.

I do have thoughts about the production, amazingly. In midst of all the swooning. Impressions: Renée has my heart (no surprise, really); Ochs is frightening rather than a clown; and Elina Garanca learned a few tricks from Barbara Bonney, ahem.

The massiveness of the staging is effective, I think. And from the Family Circle the orchestra sounds amazing, I’m hearing details I have not before.

But mostly, I’m swooning. Swooning.


2 thoughts on “First Intermission

  1. Perfect, he is supposed to be scary! And at least halfway socially palatable!

    lol at the Bonney vibes – let me queue some Etta James right there.

    Can’t wait to hear the orchestra in this take after your descriptions. I guess you won’t mind a liveblog repeat?


    1. I had to say that about Bonney after our Clemenza liveblog! And speaking of liveblogs, Yes, Yes, Yes.

      Ochs as just a buffoon doesn’t illuminate near as much of the text (verbal, musical, etc.) as scary Ochs with military retinue does.


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