Met Opera Gala

Anyone else listening to the audio stream?  At the moment they are playing the opening night broadcast from 50 years ago. Leontyne Price just spoke, now Zeffirelli, and I feel just a tiny bit giddy.

Leontyne Price and Robert Merrill singing at the groundbreaking

8 thoughts on “Met Opera Gala

      1. Judging by Susan Graham’s report, though, backstage was quite the scene, so it probably wasn’t all that hard — except perhaps the laying off the champagne for three hours


  1. Wish they’d done video, though, I feel like a lot of work went into figuring out which productions to reference and how — that would have been interesting to see.


    1. i’m wondering if they actually will on PBS or something (but shorter, likely). I believe they’ve done that in the past, have the live show and then a later TV broadcast. I was also very curious about the video projections of the previous productions and how they did that!


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