O Radiant Wonder


I keep listening to this, over and over.  This is the crux of the Ring, when we discover that women will save the world (I mean, it’s complicated, because Wagner, but it’s true).  And it’ll take the warriors and the mamas, all.

Jessye Norman is so astounding here I can hardly stand it.

O radiant wonder (Oh hehrstes Wunder)! Most glorious maid!
Thou bring’st me, true one, holiest balm!
For him whom we loved I save the beloved one:
may my thanks yet bring laughing reward!
Fare thou well! be blest in Sieglinde’s woe!


3 thoughts on “O Radiant Wonder

  1. …and don’t forget Sieglinde swooning over Brünnhilde, because what reason is there for her, in that situation, to comment on her dashingness with “Herrlichste Maid”? Swooped in on a flying horse in full armor and just put her life on the line for her. Well.

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