I Love Denver In The Autumn

This is my favorite time of year. Honestly the cottonwoods are joyous in their letting go.  Something to learn there I suppose.  Top three photos from the Denver Botanic Gardens, the rest are from a park near our house, all taken in the last couple of days.


Octavian Tuesday: Joyce

I met someone today who reminded me so much of Joyce DiDonato I had a hard time concentrating. So here is Joyce for your Octavian Tuesday.

Quite dashing. SFO 2007
Same production, such a kind face.
Such a good listener.  With Anne Schwanewilms, La Scala 2011
Poor Octavian, such angst!  SFO 2006, debuting the role.


The hat’s a nice touch. As is the sword. 2010 Teatro Real Madrid