Catching Our Breath

Back at the hotel to freshen up and change for the big night. Somehow we’ve managed to take in all three of my top fangirl loves all in one day:

Renée and Rosenkavalier:

Carol, the two iconic spots conveniently on our walk back, here’s one. Oh and TODAY IS THE DAY THEY MEET THERE.

And completely unexpectedly: inside the Plaza hotel was a perfumerie that sells the scent Grace Kelly wore, so we got to smell that too.

There aren’t words.


You Know You’re Obsessed When…

I was in a day-long herb class today deepening my hebal knowledge and intuition and working with the sacred Irish Warrior Goddesses Brigid and Maeve, to build courage for the times we’re in.  Late in the afternoon we did a guided meditation to meet either Brigid or Maeve, and I knew Maeve was coming to meet me.  Maeve is the Queen of Sovereignty, and her signature color is red.  Maeve gives pretty much zero fucks what you think of her.  Anyway, as the meditation invited to to visualize the Goddess before us, this is what came to mind.


Well.  I mean. It’s pretty much perfect, right?