Marschallin Monday: Classic

I can’t embed it here to honor their rights to it, but check out this beautiful photo from the Royal Opera House of what has to be the end of Act 1.

Sena Jurinac as Octavian, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf as the Marschallin, December 1959.

Just look at the expression on Jurinac’s face!


Marschallin Monday: Auf Eins Zwei

One of my favorite little moments in Act 3 of Rosenkavalier is when the Marschallin, in full regal mode, basically says to Ochs, “WE ARE DONE HERE.”  Of course it takes him 2 more pages (in my libretto) to get gone, because of course it does, but the Marschallin’s clear, dignified drawing of a boundary always gets me.
Renée Fleming, Sophie Bevan, ROH 2016

“Er dar, Er dar in aller Still’ sich retirieren!
Versteht Er nicht, wenn eine Sach’ ein End’ hat?…
und alles sonst was drum und dran hängt, ist mit dieser Stund’ vorbei…
Ist halt vorbei!”

Marschallin Monday: Early Perfection

A 1992 Final Trio (and ending duet) with Renee Fleming, Frederica von Stade (in trousers, natch!), and Kathleen Battle.  I love it, and also Fleming learned a lot about the Marschallin in the ensuing years.  If we ever get to have tea together someday, I would ask her about that.

Anyway, it’s definitely more than 3.2 seconds of perfection.