Octavian Tuesday: Joyce

I met someone today who reminded me so much of Joyce DiDonato I had a hard time concentrating. So here is Joyce for your Octavian Tuesday.

Quite dashing. SFO 2007
Same production, such a kind face.
Such a good listener.  With Anne Schwanewilms, La Scala 2011
Poor Octavian, such angst!  SFO 2006, debuting the role.


The hat’s a nice touch. As is the sword. 2010 Teatro Real Madrid


I heard this piece, “Longing,” the 2nd movement of Bulgarian composer Dobrinka Tabakova’s Concerto for Cello and Strings on the radio the other day, and wow is it gorgeous.  In fact it left me speechless and near tears, and if I hadn’t been driving I might have broken down completely.

You can read the composer’s thoughts on the piece here.  I am going to have to get that album.  She is a new composer to me and I will be checking out more of her work. Wow.

O Radiant Wonder


I keep listening to this, over and over.  This is the crux of the Ring, when we discover that women will save the world (I mean, it’s complicated, because Wagner, but it’s true).  And it’ll take the warriors and the mamas, all.

Jessye Norman is so astounding here I can hardly stand it.

O radiant wonder (Oh hehrstes Wunder)! Most glorious maid!
Thou bring’st me, true one, holiest balm!
For him whom we loved I save the beloved one:
may my thanks yet bring laughing reward!
Fare thou well! be blest in Sieglinde’s woe!