Marschallin Monday: Heut’ Oder Morgen Edition

“Time is a strange thing,” the Marschallin sings in what is really my favorite stretch of the whole opera, the monologue and duet that end the first act.  My beloved got knocked down with the flu and pneumonia, so our household rhythm has been thrown off for a few weeks now.  Between that and missing church 2 weeks in a row (once for caregiving previously-mentioned flu-sufferer, once for an all-day herbal studies class), I have no sense of what day it really is.

So really, you’re lucky to get a Marschallin Monday at all, much less on a Tuesday. Heut’ oder morgen oder den übernächsten Tag, indeed!

Fleming. Koch. Red.


You Know You’re Obsessed When…

I was in a day-long herb class today deepening my hebal knowledge and intuition and working with the sacred Irish Warrior Goddesses Brigid and Maeve, to build courage for the times we’re in.  Late in the afternoon we did a guided meditation to meet either Brigid or Maeve, and I knew Maeve was coming to meet me.  Maeve is the Queen of Sovereignty, and her signature color is red.  Maeve gives pretty much zero fucks what you think of her.  Anyway, as the meditation invited to to visualize the Goddess before us, this is what came to mind.


Well.  I mean. It’s pretty much perfect, right?

Poetry for Survival

At my other blog I have shared a couple of poems, yesterday and today, to help get us through this end-of-election anxiety about what’s coming next:  “Gate A-4” by Naomi Shihab Nye, and “Beginners” by Denise Levertov.

Wherever you may be on this planet, I hope you find some solace, and maybe even some encouragement to keep going, from these poets’ words.

May we all get free, someday.